Emergency Guidlines

If you believe your pet is having an emergency, then you are probably correct and your pet should be seen immediately. Please contact us at 816-833-1300 or take your pet to the nearest animal emergency hospital if it is after office hours.

Guidlines to recognizing a pet emergency:

  • excessive vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • bleeding that won’t stop
  • sudden weakness
  • collapse
  • seizure
  • toxin ingestion (such as anti-freeze, rat poison, prescription medications). If possible please bring the packaging from the toxin
  • Unproductive vomiting or retching, especially in medium to large breed dogs
  • A belly that has suddenly gotten large and tense
  • Inability or difficulty in passing urine or deficating (especially male cats)
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Wounds that are deep or large
  • Significant trauma
  • Puppies or kittens that aren’t eating or drinking

For after hours emergencies, we recommend calling Blue Pearl at 816-554-4990

Prescription Safety Alert

Recently the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has become more and more concerned about internet pharmacies. In September 2012, they launched a national campaign to raise awareness about the prevailance of fraudulent internet pharmacies. The FDA has also published information warning pet owners about the dangers of buying pet medications from internet pharmacies. In addition, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy report that less than 3 percent of online pharmacies meet state and fedral laws

Due to these concerns and lack of oversight for these pharmacies and their products, Cedar Ridge Animal Hospital will no longer honor requests received by fax from online pharmacies for prescription products. Instead, we are willing to write a prescription that you may pick up and mail to  the online pharmacy of your choice. By doing this, we are not endorsing or approving any specific online pharmacy that could risk the quality and validity of your pet’s medication.

Cedar Ridge Animal Hospital will also no longer call prescriptions in to local pharmacies. Most pharmacists do not have any formal training in pet medications and it is easy for a miscommunication of the type of medication or dosage to occur over the phone. If your pet is given the wrong medication or wrong dose, this can be a very dangerous and even deadly mistake for your pet. For this reason, we will only provide written prescriptions that you may pick up and take to your pharmacy. Your pet’s safety is our number one concern.

How Low Cost Surgeries Can Mean More Risk For Your Pet

There are many dangers of price shopping for surgery.  While affordability is important and procedures should be as cost effective as possible, the safety of patients should not be sacrificed in order to cut costs. Differences in surgery cost are often due to what services are included and what is not included. For example:

  • What pre-anesthetic precautions are taken (such as pre-anesthetic blood work)
  • What anesthetics and pain medications are used
  • What procedure is done
  • How much anesthetic monitoring is used during the procedure
  • What post-surgical care is offered

Choosing the least expensive place to have your pet’s surgery can mean cutting corners on quality, comfort, and safety for your pet

At Cedar Ridge Animal Hospital we strive to keep our procedures as cost effective as possible, but are not willing to sacrifice the safety of our patients to minimize costs. We require a complete physical exam immediately before surgery to make sure a pet is healthy enough for surgery. We HIGHLY recommend pre-anesthetic blood work and an IV catheter placed before surgery. Both of these are very important for safety during anesthesia and are not included at many hospitals.  We also have a trained veterinary technician monitoring your pet during anesthesia and recovery. We also believe in making sure all patients have effective pain control before waking up from surgery. We also offer pain medication to go home after surgery.

We believe that your pet deserves the best care possible. If you have any questions please contact us at 816-833-1300.