Our veterinarians and staff create a caring environment where your pets are treated as members of our family. Our veterinarians know how important your pets are to you, so we believe in offering the most comprehensive medical care to diagnose and treat your pet. Our veterinarians do not adhere to the old school philosophy of “a shot and a pill” serving either the patient or the owner well.

Preventive Medicine

Our veterinarians believe very strongly in preventive medicine. Annual examinations are a big part of the preventive arsenal. Also included are geriatric work ups, pre-anesthetic blood work prior to any sedation or general anesthesia, and yearly blood work for older pets and pets on long term medications such as anti-seizure or thyroid medication.

Pain Control

Until fairly recently, pain relief was not considered necessary except for major surgeries like fracture repair or open chest procedures. People thought that since animals didn’t act painful, they weren’t in pain. Stress hormone research has shown that to be false. Our veterinarians believe your pets deserve pain relief where appropriate. Therefore, no patient will undergo a surgery or painful procedure without the benefit of pain medication. We also offer various options for pets with chronic pain such as arthritis.